how to kill tech3 anti air fight plane ?

Aeon (not sure) have anti air tech3 vessel (flying anti air).

How to kill them ? Each time, my tech3 fighters are killed by them. What is the solution to kill a mass of tech3 anti air vessel ?

For instance if there are killing your exp. How to kill them ?

With ASF duh. No really, restorers aren't that good at killing asf mass for mass, the problem is when you try to engage them with the same number of ASF or while having only slightly more. Imo you want to have at least double the amount of ASF as their have restorers, or even closer to triple the amount which honestly shouldn't be much of a problem if you were properly scaling your ASF production as single restorer costs as much as 3 and half ASF.

Thanks a lot. Then I should have much more plane.