How to quickly spread engineers on the map?

I had a UI Party mod, but it broke down due to new patches (or I do not know the required addition to it).
The question is how to quickly bring engineers to distant sites?UI Party with its excellent distribution into groups could remove this question. Is there a mod that can divide a selected group of units into subgroups?

UI Party still works for me

@haifron which mods do u using with Party? Does Party needs something else to work?

@anthony_zz I looked at its reviews in the mod vault and it seems to need "Common Mod Tools".

@Anthony_zZ Another mod you can try is Disperse Move. With that mod, you select a group of engineers (or other units) & give them a set of Shift+Move orders. After you've set all the move orders you want, use the keybind that you assign to Disperse Move & it will split that group of engineers/units into individual move orders amongst the waypoints you placed. It will try to break them up into as even groups as possible, but won't always accomplish that.

There's an older similar mod in the vault called Spread Move, but I have no knowledge of how that one works.

@haifron Yes, I read it, but I have a bug with it. Apparently some other mod is bothering him. UI Party selects what he wants during the game, the last time I played with him, he did not let me choose Hives on the base and switched the selection from them to SMD himself. Sometimes all the units are selecting... Imagine a Dual Gap at 20 minutes and suddenly all the engineers and Asf's fly to another map - to astro Carter XD

@mostlostnoob i do have both of them. Actually thats an idea to move engines like u said.