FAF Client Broken

Was testing a game in sandbox mode. Found something called the seraphim hydroplant. Attempting to spawn it cashed the game. Afterwards it became impossible to start or enter custom games, manage mods, etc. Coop however is still usable.

Can you attach the game log? Thanks in advance.

Have you already reinstalled FAF and Supreme Commander?


I had a similar issue with AI Wave Survival (after latest update). Not a crash, but unable to host games or manage mods after using the mod.

The fix I found was launching the FAF version of Supreme Commander via C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin\ForgedAlliance.exe

Then host a skirmish with no mods enabled. Immediately quit after the game loads and I was able to host games/manage mods in FAF Client.

This is a client issue. The encoding of the preference file suddenly changes, causing the client to be unable to read it.

We're working on it, but we have not found the cause yet.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@magge I ended up uninstalling then reinstalling the client (didn't fix the problem). Would the game log still be accessible after that? If so, where can I locate it?

You need to do as Rama stated - launch the game directly once. That is the temporarily fix to this issue.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned