Lock 0 rated players for 4vs4 ranked and AFK problems


I think there’s some merit to this idea. I wouldn’t require custom games necessarily but rather a certain number of ranked games across all leaderboards. You could use this to create a bit of a feel of progression when you first create an account by unlocking additional queues as you play.


Have a 'noobs welcome queue' for starting players, say below 10 or 20 games to get rating established, but which any other players could still join - or maybe select players who are willing to train new players ingame - who would not have their rating affected themselves


As for the afk problem. Pretty sure there are solutions for that. Maybe a ready box that appears before the game launches?

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Also, wouldn't the new people also ruin the custom games? I don't see how this improves the situation at all

No, because everyone just kicks the new players.
A progression system, to discourage making new accounts sounds like a stupid idea (because that's what these progression systems actually do). Often people start the game and want to play with their friends and games that tell them you have to play 10 games against ai first are just really really bad. So if your friend said let's play this game, but before we play together you have to play 10 games in this noob only queue, how many people would actually play the game?
It works for bigger games, as they have enough of a player base to make their entry barriers higher, but for FAF I think this is a bad idea.




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Maybe the minimum balance % of tmm should be increased.
48% is just not playable imho.

This sounds more like an issue with matchmaking and less an issue with 0 rated players. Can you post some replay ids where this has happened?


Pause pls afk mod, you are welcome:))

My github repo with UI Mods



Both of these don't have any player that is close to 0 rating.
The high rating differences in the other games should be alleviated with the latest server update. https://forum.faforever.com/topic/5170/matchmaker-update



Oh wait it's that bug again. So what happened is that the initial rating get's based on global, but for the first game that information is not correctly passed to the game, so they show up as 0 in the game. The replay details show the actual rating they had and then the game is balanced.