Asymmetric gamemode idea

So I was at a lan party last weekend and we played a bit of FA. And we had an idea what we thought would be fun. Basically the goal is to make one team unstoppable. For example our idea was to make team 1 ACUs invulnerable and give all team 1 shield gen buildings an aura even when the shield is offline that make all team 1 buildings near it invulnerable including the shield gen itself. This would make it so the goals of the two teams would be different. Team 1 goal would be to destroy team 2 and team 2 goal would be to survive as long as possible.

Why not make team 1 completely invulnerable? Because this way team 2 can slow down team 1 by destroying everything that isn't covered by the invulnerability.

Would such a thing be possible to make as a mod?

It's not what you are asking for, but why not consider phantom? That's an asymmetric game mode.

AFAIK the easiest way to make this game mode is to create 4 mods, where each mod gives 1 specific factions invulnerability, e.g. you'd have a mod where seraphim gets invulnerability, and no changes to the other factions.

Then it's just as simple as making changes to each Seraphim unit blueprint to make them invulnerable, or to give a "regen aura" that makes buildings around them invulnerable, and to make them uncapturable.

You could make 4 mods like this, one for each faction. You would decide in advance which faction(s) are for the hunters and which factions are for the hunted. Then enable some of the 4 mods as needed.

Making units uncapturable: I think there's a simple option in the blueprints for this, you just need to turn it on

Making units invulnerable: give them 10M hp + 10M/s hp regen, I think that stops basically any kind of weapon. The unit DB says yolo does up to 1M damage.

The only thing this wouldn't prevent would be the ACU dying in a transport, including if the transport gets shot down or if it tries to drop the ACU onto a cliff edge or if it tries to drop the ACU onto a building under construction. Not sure how to prevent that.

Making buildings invulnerable when they are near enough to a certain building: you could give shield gens a "regen aura" that basically gives an extra 10M hp + 10M/s hp regen.

I'm not sure whether you would need to edit literally every blueprint file for the mod, to make this work, or if you could get it to work just by editing the blueprints for ACU, shield gens, and making a simple edit to make every single building of that faction uncapturable (or maybe you need to make a separate edit to every single building's blueprint, but that's hardly impossible)

Also, I think it would be pretty easy to add a visual effect to the ACU, shield gen, and all buildings that get the special regen aura, e.g. like a personal shield but it's green or purple, that way it's very easy to tell what is or is not invulnerable.

I can't tell if you want to modify the existing shield gen or if you want to make a special "invulnerability generator" that just looks a bit like a shield gen. It would be easy enough to add a new unit like that.

Also, you might want to try to make it so that any unit that is invulnerable stops being targeted by enemy forces. That way the hunted player(s) wouldn't waste shots on them.

I have skimmed trough the LUA documentation and I see some interesting things like AddBuildRestriction(army,category). If I made a custom shield gen that gave effective invulnerability with a custom regen aura could I use this to restrict that custom shieldgen to be only buildable by team 1? This way I would only need one mod and I would not have to restrict teams from using certain factions.

I think this could work just by having a custom shieldgen with that regen aura for each faction and just gentlements agreement that only team 1 can use them but making it actually impossible for the other team to build it would be better.

Making team 1 acus invulnerable everywhere at all times would be a nice bonus but the goal of having one team be unstoppable while the other just tries to survive as long as possible would still be achieved even if it was only when the acu is next to one of these shieldgens.

There is a mod that will do something like that for you. AI Wave Survival, which is meant for playing survival on any map against the AI, can also be played human vs human.

The smaller team will spawn with the HQ, where the waves spawn at. So if you set up a game of 1 person vs 5, or 2 people vs 4, etc, the smaller team gets control of any waves that spawn.

You can also set how many units and how frequently they get reinforcements. If you somehow manage to kill the HQ, it will eliminate the team in possession of it.

Just turn off the nuke scripts, they autofire on human HQ players by mistake.