Change SACU explosion sound

Currently the ACU and SACU explosion sound is identical, it would be good if there was a slight difference between them

I agree, but I'm not crafty enough to edit or make a new sound.

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There's a way to extract game sound files right? Let's go

Update: after downloading many many many dubious .exes from the early 2010s, I'm able to read and write sounds the game recognises...

Perhaps can check mods that change the sounds of the game and see if they changed it

I know how to make new sounds and put em in file, but adding to existing ones no idea

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@CaptainKlutz This contains everything you need:

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I always thought the explosion sound was slightly different is it not?

Maybe add a 1 second implosion sound for the ACU like they did for the particle cannon for the new Shockwave mod for Zero Hour?

Shit is very distinct