Moving Icon render priority for Nuke/SMD higher.

As in the topic name. Is it possible to move the Nuke/smd icons maybe even TMD and other strategic units/buildings into higher render space so that random engineer icons don't hide them at smaller zoom levels?

Also possibly helpful in addition to what you are asking: there are various mods that make the icons more visible. I am partial to Subtle Strategic Icons Lite as it doesn't "change everything" and force you to learn a whole new set of icons. It just puts an outline around the important things (ACUs, radars, TML/tac def, nuke/nuke def). Should be standard IMO. MUCH easier to spot the important things... honestly even when they aren't covered by engineers I couldn't always locate them before.

This doesn't help at all as it can be seen here.

alt text
One zoom tick closer - alt text

Non cancerous version -
alt text
CLoser - alt text
Even closer - alt text

I'm afraid that the value that is responsible for this (BuildIconSortPriority) is not functional, as shown on this screenshot:


Order of operations:

  • Spawn in a SML
  • Spawn in 100 engineers
  • Spawn in another SML

One SML is hidden behind all the engineer icons, while the other one is on top of the engineer icons. It appears the order at the moment is set to the order of when units were made. We can't fix this in Lua, it would require an engine patch.

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