Additional build power for lower tier units

What if upgraded factories had additional build power for lower-tier units to build them a lot faster? So that a T3 factory builds, say, T1 units 5 times faster and T2 units 2 times faster. This way, if you suddenly need a spam of T1 units, you don't have to have 20 T1 factories.

Just a thought.

What if, it is already working that way.

@magge Mister, it doesn't. Do I really have to specify "additional build power to the additional build power factories get after getting upgraded"?

T3 (land) factories are already bottlenecked by the unloading time for t1 units so this makes zero difference.

@ftxcommando Not unless it takes T3 factories 1 tick to build T1 units.

The literal 1-tick constant spam of T1 art units, would be far too strong to defend/attack bases. They are doing their volley and damage is done.

Also, it would impact the whole T1 and T2 engineers to unimagined heights.

Edit: But I would really like to see some changes for the "unpack" behavior. It feels clunky and in the worst case, the unit blocks its own fab.

The only offensive T1 land unit you will ever produce at T3 stage is arty, it takes 2 seconds to currently make a t1 arty with a t3 land fac. It takes 3 seconds for a t1 arty to leave a land factory. This is a sum total of 5 seconds. If you made it take one tenth of a second it would be 3.1 seconds per t1 arty or 38% faster.

A T3 support fac costs the equivalent of 6 t1 factories. Each factory takes 9 seconds to make an arty combined with 3 seconds of unloading time. This comes down to 2 seconds per t1 arty.

Even with this it's bad. Only exception to all of this is that it's a buff to zthuee amphibious spam, but zthuee was already intentionally adjusted to not be super spammable from few factories lol.