Desync Issues

So me and a buddy are having desync issues when I enable the Wyvern BattlePack mod and when I use the Antares Unit Pack mod slightly edited. Does anyone know what could be causing the desyncs as I have him the same files I have and everything?

Well, mods are not up to date and cause the desyncs? Or your edit is not working properly with faf?
Long story short you will have to most likely deal with it yourself as FAF doesn't guarantee that all the mods are gonna be working with the up to date FAF.


the latest version of Wyvern Battle Pack updated for FAF can be found here:
(Please tell me if you find any errors)

Sadly i never got a permisson from the antares unit pack author to update/maintain his mod,
so i can't help here.

Just be sure every player has the same files and fileversion from all mods.
A desync is almost in all cases caused by different mod files or versions.