how to install faf

hi my computer refuses to install faf. How can I force my computer to install faf knowing that it's a windows 10? help me please

Whats the issue? I'm on Windows 10.

Do you mean: it says it doesn't want to install it because it doesn't recognize the publisher?

There are two things you can click on. One of them is like a button, if you click that you are accepting not to install it (so you have to start over with the installation process)

The other thing is some text that you can click on. If you click on that text, it shows you an option to install the software even though Windows doesn't recognize it.

my computer refuses to install faf because it thinks it's a virus

Thats nothing to worry about. When windows shows you the warning screen, there's an option to tell you more or run it anyway - something like that it's been a while since i've seen it. Basically you can override this warning and then install it. There is no virus. Windows is trying to be helpful but just being annoying.