Game still crashes because of sound


I've had this problem for a year, and tried to fix it 8-9 times and gone through all tutorials from the forums and online on how to fix the game from crashing from sound related issues but nothing works. Probably reinstalled the game 6-7 times, along with Sumpreme commander FA on steam, with stereo settings on, 16 bit, 44199hz quality when reinstalling etc... I've tried EVERYTHING. Have probably spent 80 hours in total over the year trying to fix this but nothing works. I don't know how much the dev's are able to do about this because it's in the engine but you might loose players over this issue., and since technology is moving further and further away from stereo i think its sure to say that it's going to become harder and harder for people with new setups playing this game. I've been tinkering around with computers for 20 years so I'm no rookie either.


@dassmatte just to clarify, even these faqs don't help? That is, the game still crashes even if the sound is disabled or the sound folder is manually removed/renamed?

It would be helpful if you could give some more info on your setup, especially for what concerns your audio setup: the more info, the more likely someone will be able to help.


This is probably s a typo but you are supposed to use 44100 Hz