How do I make a shortcut on the taskbar to close ForgedAlliance.exe

When the game crashes, my entire screen turns gray, so I can't get into the Task Manager to close ForgedAlliance.exe

I have to start the process of rebooting my computer just so windows will close ForgedAlliance.exe

Is it possible to make a shortcut button that I can put on my taskbar that if I click on it, windows will close ForgedAlliance.exe?

That way I won't have to start rebooting my computer

Lets maybe try the easy solutions before writing a kill script.

Solution A)
Make TaskManager always overlap other windows:

Solution B)
Use virtual desktops. Press Win + Tab and create a new virtual desktop:

When the game crashes, use Ctrl + Win + Right to switch to your other desktop. Open TaskManager there to close the game (Ctrl + Shift + Esc should open it on your current virtual desktop if it wasn't started yet, so don't open it on the "broken" one).

Similarly to Katharsas' solution B, you can also press Windows + Tab and then right-click the FAF window -> Move to -> Desktop 2/New desktop, then you can open task manager on your main desktop to kill it.

Alternatively run the game in windowed mode. Legend says it also prevents alot of crashes.

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@katharsas Thanks, I think "always on top" will work