Problem with my anti-virus.

Hey gentlemen (or ladies),

I've got a really big problem in which I cannot play FAF.
Downloading and starting a game isn't my issue. But my game crashes immediately after one of my units gets hit by my opponent. I don't know exactly what is happening. Luckily I got a screenshot from the anti-virus 'Sophos Home' saying that it detected malicious software. Maybe you can help me out of this.
I tried this a couple of times in different ways, and I assume it has something to do with the FAF and/or the Supreme Commander software.

May the Force be with you
Maarten Bakker

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Turn shitty antivirus off then it won't happen again.

I have played FAF with LFBJ_0911 and have tried to find ways to trigger the anti-virus response mentioned above. I have set a group of tanks to attack the ground and upon firing their first shot LFBJ_0911's game gets stopped by his anti-virus.

Does it matter which players units shoot and does it happen only for a specific unit or any unit?

@Katharsas It appears that it does not matter who causes the projectile. We tested this by sending my commander with hold fire to LFBJ_0911's commander. His commander rotated to aim, then my game lost connection with him as soon as a shot should be fired. (The firing animation did not play yet.)
Can it have something to do with communicating new projectiles?

Well its not really possible to know whats happening based on what we know.

If i had to guess i would say the game loads a new asset (for example the sound effect for the shot) from the disk and the Anti-Virus notices that. Some kind of system call needs to be involved i would say, and loading a file is one example for that. Could of course be a thousand other things.

Same problem here. Sophos Endpoint Protection (Professional) antivirus. I expect a home user would be able to go to his log and whitelist the process. I outsource my IT. I'll reach out to that service group for a fix.