AVG antivirus blocking faf install

Hi all,

I've had faf running with avg antivirus for 18 months, no problem, but when updating to the latest version I'm having real trouble getting it to install, the anti virus keeps quarentining the files.

I have tired giving FAF an exception but this doesn't work, I've tried turning off bits of the antivirus and that doesnt work. The last thing I tried was deleting the antivirus and installing FAF and then re installing the antivirus after.

All attempts have failed so far, any ideas?


Ah, yes, AVG, the antivirus that deleted crucial Windows files because they were harmful.

Either way, if you have managed to install FAF, you should be able to exclude the FAF folder from the exceptions.

Nope it still deletes it ,I added every exemption I can think of, it still blocks it, now it just doesn't tell me it has

Just remove AVG. No need to thank me.