Hot keys - Solace/ bombers/ transports

Just wanted to make people aware of a small oversight in the hotkeys selection tab. Solaces are not considered bombers and as there is no torpedo bomber selection on its own makes it hard to hot key them unless u make a control group
Any chance they can be added to the bombers key and also add in some separate keys for selecting the different types of bombers? Let me know if I have just missed it as well XD

Also a select nearest idle transport would be better than all transports in my opinion

Honest opinion? You don't want to build Solaces anyway (except maybe 1 out of 1000 games, actually even less). Ik Ik, it doesn't answer the question, but why fix a problem due to reason X, if the reason is nonsense anyway :imfine:

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HotBuild Overhaul

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Fixed and added with this pull request, ready for the release on the 20th of August

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