Upcoming balance changes

There have been various comments scattered about referring to upcoming balance changes. Is it possible to have a post that lists out the things currently being looked at? It doesnt have to specify the precise changes as I appreciate these might change, but just a simple 'Unit X being nerfed', 'Unit Y being buffed' list would still be useful.

From what I've seen my understanding which may be wrong and likely incomplete is:

  • Aslyum (Aeon mobile shield) nerf
  • Chrono Dampener nerf
  • T3 Sniper bot nerf
  • Seraphim cruiser missile buff
  • UEF ACU bubble shield buff

The best place to look for is on Github, and in particular:

  • Everything with the balance label, Tagada added that today
  • Everything merged to deploy/fafbeta, starting from commit 02a0db5 on the commit history of FAFBeta

Note that some changes are merged into deploy/fafdevelop, including the TMD change

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where my valiant hp buff

The changes are WIP and once they are ironed out I will make a post similar to this: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/1311/faf-beta-current-changelog

Thank you for this craptonn of work. amazing stuff so far

Wanted to know, is this any way to ask AI to share a unit? Like a T2 engi for Cyb hive or sacu

Also does it understand map pings?