FAF Beta Current Changelog


This post is a summary of the current status of FAF Beta. It maybe will be updated at key turning points with new PRs being merged to reflect the state of beta at any point in time.

The purpose is to have a more easily accessible information channel on changes in progress than Github's atrocious interface. Later hopefully there will be some permanent link to the thread from a certain hub or a certain chat topic.

👉 Changelog 👈


  • BuildTime 180 -> 270

Zthuees are more efficient BP per unit strength compared to other T1 arties which allows for powerful arty spam with a rather small investment in factories. For now their BP has been rebalanced, but other arty reworks in conjunction to keep the faction diversity fresh are under consideration.

UEF T1 Bomber

  • Damage 4 -> 4.5
  • InitialDamage 47.5 -> 42.5
  • MuzzleSalvoDelay 0.3 -> 0.2

Scorcher’s drop pattern allows it to sometimes kill engies even if enemy manages to partially dodge. These changes convert some of the bomb’s initial damage to DoT as well as make the drop pattern tighter resulting in a smaller spread of the bombs and not allowing the last two of them to home in on the engie that had already started to dodge.

Titan and Loyalist

  • BuildCostEnergy 5400 -> 5250
  • BuildTime 2400 -> 2160

This is a small buff to the Titan and the Loyalist bringing their E and BT costs more in line with other T3 units which should make massing them a bit easier, potentially prolonging the T3 light bot stage before bricks and percies come out.

Kennel Drones

  • Now have higher selection priority than buildings

QoL change.

UEF T3 Sonar

  • Add Jamming
  • Energy Maintenance cost 500 -> 550

With Cybran and Seraphim sonars having special quirks UEF and Aeon sonars have been left underwhelming. This deals with the UEF sonar, aeon is still under consideration.

T1 Land Scouts

  • Reduce the aggro range while on assist/attack move

This will help the scouts to not aggro on enemy units and civilians from far away when they are given an attack move or an assist order.

T4 Arties

  • Ranges normalized to 4000 (Mavor range)

This makes all T4 arties viable for the entire 3 people who play 81x81 maps.


  • HP 1175 -> 1000

Make shooting nothas down easier as they could be extremely difficult to deal with if you lose air control.

T1 Land Scouts

  • BT 80 -> 60
  • Mole E cost 80 -> 60
  • Spirit E cost 40 ->60

Make scouts slightly more appealing to create early game.

Soul Ripper

  • Add Stealth at -600 maintenance E cost

After the numerous veterancy changes as well as experimental BT changes soul ripper has lost most of its strength, this will allow it to rotate around the map easier and be more effective at harassing and/or sneak sniping.


  • Add a 100,000 E storage

This will prevent the bug where despite not draining more E than paragon provides you still go into stall and drop shields.


  • Slightly increase the hitbox

Allow for more reliable hitting of unmicroed labs moving at an angle.