Is the FAF over?


I think more than a dozen people are now asking a simple question: what about the purchase of the game, the client and the accounts of people living in the territory of the Russian Federation? The game can't be bought now (officially), but the accounts and the client are still working. Is it worth saying goodbye to the game or everything will normalize and the people behind it will come to their senses? Will the client work in the future?

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After this is done, you must find static IP and play with your friends šŸ˜„

Supports all clients


We have no control over the sale of the game and where it is sold.

However there is nothing that stops the client from working for people who own the game in any region.


The FAF ownership policy has nothing to do with the situation in Russia. It's been discussed plenty of times before and we're not going to remove it.
However we surely will not make an exception there if you mean this by "coming back to their senses".

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