missing Icon Total Mayhem mod

HI everyone I have a little problem playing with total Mayham mod from the FAF client, all the new unit have the place holder icon, meanwhile if I launch the game from Steam everything work as intended. I tried aslo downloading the blackops icon support but nothing change. Thank you in advance

ingame, mod menu, blackops icon support.
"integrated with FAF"
But something is wrong, because im having the same problem, all place holder icon....

Hello Stratega,

Total Mayhem has its own Icon support, so please don't use the Black Ops global icon support with Total Mayhem.
(you can do this with steam, but Total mayhem will ignore the BOGIS mod)

In FAF you can't use the Black ops icon support mod, because FAF has its own integrated icon support.

Also, Total Mayhem has its own topic here:

And because its hard to find, here my personal post with all mods i have updated for FAF and Steam: