Launcher issue

For some reason the launcher now wants me to log in through the web site. Tried this probably a dozen times and it still will not let me do anything, just keeps giving me the screen about linking my game to steam (did that a long time ago). Nothing I do let's me actually play anymore. I've talked to my buddies who I always play with and they're having the exact same issues. None of us have ever had this issue before in all the years we've been playing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I've had this last week when I was messing with my connection and my ISP probably gave me a new IP or something. I think I had to kill the client again and it eventually came back alive.

I've been trying it off & on all week with the same result. I even uninstalled and reinstalled & the game, no dice. Not sure what else to try.

try disabling IPv6

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