SCU upgrade enhancement dialog blocks everything

Just played a 7v7;

At the end I ordered all Cybran RAS SCUs to get the rapid-fab and SAM upgrade. One SCU already had the nano-repair instead of the SAM upgrade, so the window with "Choosing this enhancement will destroy the existing enhancement in this slot. Are you sure?" popped up. But regardless of clicking Yes or No... it stayed there. I think maybe an SCU died while the popup was up.

it applies to acu aswell and the same thing happened to me, jip says its a very rare bug that has been around for a long time, i couldnt do anything and my only option was to alt + f4, it happened only once few days ago.

In 6000 games, it's the first time I've had it.

@jcvjcvjcvjcv Do you happen to still have the logs of the game?

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The oldest log I have is from the 1st of July, so sorry, no. I didn't think of saving the log back then.