Spawning a team in a random position

I would like to make a map where teams of 2-4 players spawn at one of a number of spawn sites, but randomly. Is it possible to spawn team members next to each other in a random position? Say there are 6 spawn sites (each with 4 ACU spawns) and each team spawns at a random site.

All of that is possible via a map script.

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@jip How will that work with an FAF lobby? Can I just set random spawns and teams and it will be able to set the spawn positions accordingly?

You'd have little to no control of it in the lobby. It would happen after starting the game, right before people spawn. There you can adjust the start location of armies via script.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

So there are no parameters from the lobby passed to the map script where I could base the spawns on? So if there is a list of spawn positions then use those, if there is a list of teams, then spawn them together etc. ? I could only effectively have a single spawn strategy with a setup like this, do I understand correctly?

Perhaps it is possible with adaptive maps.. Thanks for your help, I will look more into it.

You can make a map with custom lobby options that can do what you described that you want, but you'd have to code the functionality to make it happen. You can look at what some adaptive maps do for some examples of how custom lobby options can be set up.

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