New objectives would begin before we could finish the previous one in Black Day.

Hello! Me and my buddies were doing COOP on the first mission: Black Day and we have issues while playing. For example, the first objective is to cross the channel and destroy the two bases near the beach. So in the meantime, we're managing our eco and slowly building up defenses and units to assault it. After sometime, the next objective immediately shows up, which is to defend fort Clarke and take out the new enemy base to the east. We haven't even took out the beach base yet and didn't even complete the objective for that and now we have to race against the time to defend Fort Clarke.

When we're halfway successful on destroying the base for Fort Clarke, the next objective immediately starts and the AI throws in waves of units at us along with experimental units and we barely prepared for it. Giving us little room to even do some decent prep time.

This doesn't happen when I played the campaign on my own. Usually when one main objective finishes, the next one begins. It doesn't stack on each other.

Me and my mates are quite casual players. So is this a bug or is this normal in faf or are we just gonna suck it up and "git gud"?

In the lobby for setting up the game the option timed expansions is on by default. You would need to just turn that off.

@dakturpepper have you tried using these options?


I know from experience that some of these options don't actually work on some custom maps, you might have to do some light editing on the maps file themselves to raise the hidden timers (this was done by authors to raise the map difficulty as they considered the regular maps "too easy").