No warning sounds?

Does this game not have warning sounds? I know it has the commander under attack warning sound but even that doesn't seem to be working. What about other ones? They're pretty much a fundamental feature of any RTS, surely there's some? Is there an obscure setting I'm missing?

Hello Miamikicchi,

yes the game has some warning sounds.
I just started a game and walked into the enemy base to check the Commander under attack sound and its working.

The game provides 6 warningsounds:

  • Nuclear Launch Detected
  • Transport Full
  • Unit Transfer Failed
  • No Staging Platforms
  • Busy Staging Platforms
  • Commander Under Attack

Those sounds are defined inside the brain.lua file:

I hear the commander attack sound in custom games, but not in coop missions.

Would be very helpful if I knew about ANY attacks but is that really just down to bad design...

Attention is a resource in this game. If you fail to realize that your scout saw units coming to attack you, then you fail to address it. Having an announcer baby you

  1. makes active understanding of game state less important
  2. would be the most annoying thing to ever exist since attacks/interactions should be happening like several times a minute

It’s basically strictly used for things that could instantly and spontaneously end the game (ACU under attack and nuke launches) so that a person has some ability to address it.

Can you not hear the sound of the various weapons firing, bombs dropping etc. Do you have a general sound problem?