No draw


What if we make the game check how many ACUs are left each time an ACU dies, and, if there is only 1 left, it becomes invulnerable? Will also help with the 1v1 bug where exploding your ACU to kill your enemy ACU results in your victory.

Will also help with too many draws in tournaments.


So then you just walk into the enemy ACU with some units and hope they die first?


@thomashiatt Did you just allude to all other RTS games?


I have never played any other RTS games.


I'm confused what problem this is trying to solve.

Drawing is a viable strategy. If you think you are going to lose but can get a draw instead (via, for instance, ctrl+k'ing your ACU and taking the other down with you), then... why is that bad?

It forces the otherwise-winner to play smarter and removes otherwise suicidal options from becoming winning options.

It also makes room for some clutch plays such as being able to kill your opponent within seconds of when he kills you, even without ctrl+k.


The ability to get draws gives leverage to lower-rated players against higher-rated players. The lower-rated player can say "you'd better back off and let me have this reclaim or we both die, I will gain rating and you will lose rating"


@pearl12 1) Draws prolong tournament games for no reason; 2) There is a bug that considers you a winner when you CTRL+K your com to kill the other com in 1v1.

  1. Well, the reason is that nobody won. But if it really bothers you, you could have judges decide draws.

  2. Seems that the bug should be fixed then, instead of just removing draws all together.


Seems like a change that would make things worse not better. If I have 100 health less than the enemy acu when I die why should I lose when they should die to the explosion? You can just play non-assassination custom games if you dont like drawing games when both ACUs die at the same time.

As already mentioned by pearl the potential for a draw also increases the strategic options by allowing you to try and push for a draw if you think you’re behind

As for lower ranked players gaining rating, the rating system will deal with this automatically-theyll end up losing more of the games where they cant force a draw if their rank is ‘inflated’ from forcing draws, while higher ranked players should be capable of avoiding a draw against a lower ranked player.

The only issue this might help is the bug that gives a win for a draw. Fundamental changes to game mechanics just to adjust a minor flaw with rating (that due to how the rating system works is unlikely to have a notable impact over time) doesnt seem like a good idea.