An introductory page for new players

I am drafting a New To FAF? - Start Here wiki page that new players would get linked to. So, if you have any thoughts or suggestions for it (after looking at it), feel free to share them here.

pfp credit to gieb

I'd add some imagery, some from lilsidl in his forum post.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

You have a link for "learn how to play FAF better" but nothing about "how to play FAF" (the extreme basics, like how to use UI, mass/energy, how to launch the campaign missions, how to set up a custom game to play with other people against the AI, that sort of thing)

Is there a wiki page like that, that you could link to? If not, there probably should be.

And maybe break the links into two groups: "Installation/Setup" and "Gameplay"