How is spread attack supposed to work?

I select three bombers, press shift+g, select (RMB) one target, then the other and all my bombers fly towards the first selected target. I try the same with just the shift and the effect is the same. I try with just 'G' and it doesn't work either, the keybindings are normal. The targets are stationary and within radar coverage if that matters. I'm testing this on a "Life is rule" map against neutral targets.

you select the bombers, select the targets, and then you press shift+g

How am I supposed to select multiple targets without using shift? If I just RBM multiple targets and then press shift+G after, all bombers will move to that last target. Btw, in one of my matches I RBMed two enemy units while having two of my own units selected, thinking they'd kill the first target and then proceed with the next but instead they actually started shooting both targets at the same time, I tried the same in my test game but it isn't working.

you can press shift before, that's how you select the targets

Ok, so I select targets with shift as usual and then just press G (with shift still pressed) by the end, now it's working. Thanks.