Should I refaf if I loose connection ingame


I played a game and my connection broke for like 5s for no reason. Because of that I had the disconnection screen. Then I decided to refaf and the connection on faf went back to green but I still had the disconnection screen ingame (it didn't solve my issue).

I would like to know: is it helpfull to refaf if your connection broke for a few second before coming back? Or if it happens it is already too late?

Thanks a lot.

There was a bug in the client that made reconnecting near impossible if you lost connection to the FAF server. This was fixed in 2022.4.1 if you update to that client version reconnecting should be easier.

@sheikah Ooooooh greaaat!

Thanks a lot. I was very disappointed when this disco happened while my conn came back in.

What is the answer to the question, though? Is it ever a good idea to refaf during a match?

Before this update it would mean you couldn't reconnect after losing connection to someone.

Going forward I don't think it would help much unless you think the client lost connection to the server and failed to auto reconnect. But this also improved the reconnect logic so that should not be the case as often anymore.