Opening Up Transport Accessibility


This is likely a terrible idea but here we go. Now for a variety of reasons Non-Air Transports won’t be added to the main game. But I was thinking, about that.

One of the annoying aspects espacially on larger maps, land units, tend to far away in utility for a variety of reasons. If simply because of speed. And then to some extent even investing in anything beyond T1 Land for engies is detrimental. Or in team games as a non air player trying to readjust your unit deployment to help up shore a flank or otherwise.

This idea won’t fix some of that or really any of that, especially in higher level play. But helps on some level ameliorate/increase land relavance on larger maps & team games. In Mid T2 to Early T3. Oh and yeah the idea.

A Land Factory (and maybe even limit it to Support Factories only, or the HQ Factory) can build an Air Transport of the lower tech level. So a T2 Land Factory could build a T1 Air Transport. A T3 Land Factory a T2 Air Transport.

Ideally improved/ease of access to transports will give a better game better flow. /shrug. Properly a terrible idea.

Ultimately this be meant to help the adjustment of a land player in a team game redeploy his army without having to neccesarily to build T1 Air*. Making the game flow smoother overall. And espacially for T3 Units, sense you’d need T2 Air to transport anything resembling a reasonable number of units.

*Yes I know, everyone should in team games build there own air to their own scouting


Seems to be easier on other alternatives.



This is actually gold.


dude you realise you can just make a fucking T1 air fac next to your T2 land fac? its 2 clicks and doesnt cost much. LOOOOOL

by the time you can afford T3 land you can also easily get a quick T2 hq and trans its kinda cheap too


Even if you're not in air slot, its a good idea to get an Air factory, scouting, bombers, anything.


I'd rather see a heavily armored T1 transport boat with more capacity than a T1 air transport and much more hp but less speed.



Which I mentioned in the OP and its more about game flow than anything.


Don't even understand the point of this. A t1 air factory is 200 mass.

Land being irrelevant at late t2/early t3 stage isn't even a problem I see in game. If it was, this wouldn't even be the solution to make it relevant. All it would make relevant (if you let every t2 factory do it) is chipping away the value of air control as you cant stop say 3 different slices of crossfire canal from building their own transport for arty drops everywhere. But then again, you just need to invest 200 mass and 10-40 seconds to do this with an air factory anyway.


Ftx after having thought about it and talked with some folks on the faf discord a couple hour after I posted this, I actually realize this was actually terrible idea. But yes the point would be to remove '10-40' second delay. So there isn't a pause in gameplay that you described.

-Through I do kinda think be a way to make air fights more organic thinking what you said. Vs Big Moshpit of Inties you need proper scout coverage and inties not all in one area to stop this