Politics in aeolus

"All discussions about the war between Russia and Ukraine must happen within #politics on Discord and in the IRC client chat. Any discussions or statements that are a reference to the war outside of the designated channels can be reported to the moderation team, regardless of their nature. By doing this we create an opt-in environment for those who desire it, and preserve the regular FAF experience for those who do not."

Can we just remove this rule? Not even moderators obey it and it's broken like 200 times a day.

Either that or actually start handing out mutes to the same 6 dudes perpetually breaking it.

There were a rule?

Yeah, did you read what I quoted? Anything that moderators can act upon is by definition a rule enforced on FAF.

@ftxcommando Just kidding, because it was a useless idea from the very beginning

You have no clue how it would like without the rule. Just because rule are broken from time to time, it doesn't make them useless.

I'll raise this with our moderation team lead.

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