How to buy the game?

I can't buy the game on steam. There is no link or button to buy the game.!

Try on a VPN?

Yes. PureVPN.
Through the VPN you can see the game until the moment I log in. Steam knows where the account is from. It turns out discrimination on the basis of belonging to a particular nation. I didn't think I'd see this in the 21st century.

Change your account region so it's not in Russia. Also FA belongs to Japanese company and it's not like they liked you anyway, if anything they have a raging boner to kick you as much as they can.

@e33144211332424 Whom "you"? I'm an ordinary person, I do not understand what I'm doing here. But thanks, I already bought the game in the discord, there was a person who sent me the game as a gift.

Ты из РФ? #Gosu74

Sorry for my English. I use translator

@pryanichek да

@Gosu74 это дискорд демонстримера, там есть отдельныйй канал где можно игры стимовские покупать

Sorry for my English. I use translator

Whilst I sympathise on a personal level I think perhaps you might want to consider what else in the world might be happening which most people didn't think they would see in the 21st century.