Got Beat by Turtling Player on Seraphim Glaciers

I controlled most of the map and shouldnt of had any reason to loose, but I somehow still did.

I was doing what everyone always says to do, being aggressive, controlling the map, and gaining more mass extractor points. Yet he still managed to keep up with my eco and even pass it despite having much less territory.

I've had alot of these kinds of games before, where I would think I'm fighting a noob because they are not expanding or attacking, but once 30 minutes go by they surprise me with a super weapon and steamroll me over, like the whole game was a farce after all.

When you have many extractor points spread across the map what's better, upgrading each and every one to t2 before upgrading any to t3, or just focusing on making t3 extractors at your main base?

Heres the replay

"Long story short: Do not become an organic mex for a turtle player. If you have the map control, you can scale up more efficiently than the player that has less map control. It is his responsibility to push into you to stay relevant to the game. If he does not, then you can win in 8 minutes when you have double, triple, quadruple his mass income. At that point, it doesn’t matter what you throw at him, you will win."

@FtXCommando I did have map control and alot more mexes, but they still won. He even started making RASed support commanders instead of trying to gain more map control.

Having a lot of map control and a lot of mexes doesn't mean anything if you

  1. End up feeding all of it to the enemy through reclaim anyway
  2. Got it so late and inefficiently that you somehow managed to be LESS efficient than turtling to t2 mex
  3. Feed it all into units you didn't use, even if you didn't feed those units into the enemy.

Skimmed the replay, it's a combination of 2 and 3. You need to work on your opening BO, you need to scout what the enemy is doing (could have killed his drones with a single int), and you need to not make a ton of tanks/frigs that just sit in your base while your enemy is making t3 mex.


I made sure to use all the frigs I had doing battle with their navy. Perhaps you mean use them earlier. I built some land units on the side islands that were never used except to kill a few engineers doing a lackluster expansion. I don't think they were a significant drain on my eco.

I agree I didn't scout enough. I don't think much about opening BO except to balance Extractor construction and E. If someone could shed some more light on it that would help.

@luke113 I watched until min 17 and it looks like you have overflowed about 70% of the mass you have collected so far, in case you're wondering how he has more resources than you