Can the faf client use more than one internet connection to stay connected/alive?

My pc connects to the internet via a TP_link which sends the data through the electricity in my house (god knows how, it's witchcraft I suspect). 99.999% of the time it's amazingly fast and stable but once in a while i will lose connection during a FAF game and the FAF client won't recover. I can see that internet access does come back within seconds as i can browse Amazon or whatever. But I never can get reconnected to the game.

My question is if I also had a wi-fi dongle plugged in, would the FAF client possibly try switching to a secondary internet connection method to keep me in the game? Just curious, thanks!

We recently found a bug where the ice adapter messages used to reconnect to players are not forwarded by the server after losing connection to it. So that is the cause of not being able to reconnect.

Oh? That's interesting. I did feel like FAF used to be able to reconnect for me pretty much consistantly but the last while it had seemingly stopped being able to do so. If that helps any.