Enable Verbose logging for games

I'm having an issue diagnosing a de sync mismatch that is occurring in multiplayer games with some friends.

Vanilla plays fine, if my friends play together, its fine, when I'm added to the game it crashes. We are trying to root cause it but the game isn't producing any useful or consistent logs.

Is there a way to enable verbose logging of the game to see if the mismatched game issue is related to anything specific?


It is 99% of the time related to a mod. In particular when you have a different version of a mod. Or you made modifications.

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For desyncs caused by mod mismatches - the first portion of ALL log files is most useful - the mounting sequence. This shows the process by which SCFA finds all the files it will use - and where they are coming from. No additional verbose logging is required as it's always present.

Instead of trying to find the problem, I would suggest you all obtain copies of the mods from a single source. For example, send your friends copies of your mods through discord or email or whatever. They can back up their version of the mods and then re-install the mods using the files you sent.

If that doesn't work, the next thing I would try is:

Use those mods (that you got from a single source) but all players disable all of their UI mods, you play and see if there's a desync. It seems unlikely that a UI mod would interact with sim mods in a way that would cause desyncs, but ya never know. Computers are complicated, in theory it could happen. So I would try that next.