What hotkeys do you use?

what hotkeys do you recommend?

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queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

@JaggedAppliance made a stream about his hotkeys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNnQcWniPbg

Here is what I have:

tab - "Select ACU (control group)"
shift-tab - overcharge

this lets me quickly always select the ACU and I don't have to put it into a "control group" at the start of every match.

In fact, I don't use control groups at all. I re-bound the number keys as follows:

1 - select nearest idle air scout
2 - select all fighters (interceptors, swift winds, ASF)
3 - select all bombers
4 - select all gunships

and I have the target priority mod (Advanced Target Priorities v1.1) so I can bind keys to priority:
9 - target units
0 - target engineers

9 is most useful when i want my ACU to shoot enemy tanks instead of enemy ACU that will just regen the health (and if I want him to shoot the ACU, I turn on snipe mode)

0 is good for picking off engineers in situations like: you want to stop that one engineer scooping mass out of the middle of setons, or you want your frigates to kill enemy engineers as fast as you can

p - repair
r - patrol
Swap "patrol" and "repair" hotkeys. By default, Patrol is "p" and repair is "r." But it's normal to use the "patrol" command a LOT more than "repair." you can usually give orders to repair something just by right-clicking on it. The only time I use the "p" button at all is when I want to put a "repair" order on top of a wreckage. If you tell an engineer to "repair" a wreckage they will get an order to rebuild whatever was underneath (assuming they can build it. a t1 engineer can't rebuild a t3 pgen, an aeon engineer can't rebuild a UEF pgen, etc.)

ALSO: the default bind for ctrl-k is "self-destruct"


bind ctrl-k to a different one: "immediately kill selected units"

The difference is: there won't be a 5-second timer any more. The units will just die instantly. If you want a unit to die there's no reason to keep it around for an extra 5 seconds.

ALSO: by default "Ctrl-L" is "select all land." I UNBIND that.

It is dangerous to have "ctrl-L" and "ctrl-K" so close to each other on the keyboard. If you press ctrl-L by accident before you press ctrl-K you will wipe out your entire land army

Thank you

“I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.” — Spock 🖖