Season 2 has started

Season two of the league system has started. This season should see more accurate placement of high ranked players in high ranked divisions. Additionally, everybody that was ranked last season will now only need three games to get listed again in that leaderboard. The client doesn't know about this new feature yet, and will show that you need 10 games regardless. Don't let this throw you off, it will be fixed in the next client version.

Are there any worthwhile fun-facts about the S1?

ā‡’ Like player with the most win-streak, most played games, etc., the longest game? Who were Top10, Top100?
ā‡’ Do the participants get any history tab like "Player xy was Gold in S1" etc.?

I don't plan to compile any fun-facts. Anyone who knows how to query the api could do that though and is welcome to do it.
I do plan that you can select earlier seasons in the client to look at past leaderboards, but that will still take a while to come.
We could display the ranks in earlier seasons, if you have a good idea where and how it should look like.

@Scout_More_Often If I recall you were working with some APIs. This would be a great candidate šŸ™‚

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