Call for Community Manager Applications

FAF is introducing a Community Manager position this year whose primary goal is to be an advocate for the community at large and survey and represent the larger community interests.

Role and Responsibilities

The Community Manager carries the following responsibilities:

  • Being a communication relay between players and contributors
  • Collecting data related to the player experience
  • Being present for the players and answering questions

Examples of what this could look like is as follows:

  • Organize a schedule of the FAF community project events
    Gather feedback from the FAF project community to determine their top desires and problems
  • Present and represent this information in the best interests of the players to the other contributors
  • Be available in as many areas as possible (forums, discord, FAF) in order to both be aware of player issues while also being available to answer questions
  • Keep general users aware of the state of the FAF project while also understanding what areas actually need more manpower from general users interested in contributing
  • Keeping yourself aware both of gameplay trends as well as player attitude trends across all ranges of players
  • Working with developers on data dumps and gathering information from data dumps to get a more refined picture of the FAF playerbase and the major issues facing them
  • Being an individual that developers in general can approach for input about what would best benefit FAF

These are just ideas to get you started. As this position is new, there is no clearly defined scope where the Community Manager responsibilities start and end, so you can in part shape it according to your vision in collaboration with the FAF Association Board. Note that the community manager position is about communication and does not carry any responsibility of authority to make decisions for other areas of FAF

Election Procedure

The Community Manager will be elected by a popular vote by the general
players of FAF for 1-year terms after vetting by the board. This will occur under
the following timetable:

  • April 1st - Announcement that candidates should submit their applications to
    the board.
  • April 15th - Sign ups close, beginning of a 2-week vetting period
  • May 1st - Candidates are announced by the board and a 1-week discussion
    period begins
  • May 8th - Voting starts
  • May 15th - Voting concludes, results are tallied, and new Community Manager
    is announced.

Application Submission Process

Please submit applications for the position by emailing [email protected] or by sending the applications to an association board member.
Ideally an application would contain your FAF username, your background, why you are interested in the Community Manager position, Ideas you have for the Community Manager position and any other information you deem relevant.

There has been some discussions about what the community manager would be doing. And people quickly drew the conclusion that the community manager has no 'power'. That is true to some regard - but having 'power' is not the end goal. One end goal (in my opinion) is to create a more cohesive community where, in particular, casual players feel more welcome.

Some ideas that sparked while discussing it in the association with Gieb, Morax and Tagada:

  • Creation of a 'how to' series, for common questions surrounding FAF. As an example (taken from Morax): how to use UI party mod?
  • Organize smaller, informal events. As an example: every second week there's Friday Night Gaming (taken from Friday Night Magic of MTG). As a community member you would be playing and maybe invite some other contributors along with it.
  • Manage topics like these:, to allow other contributors to spent more time on implementing some of those suggestions.

In particular the second one would be interesting. And I'd happily participate 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Applications are now closed and the discussion period will start on May 1st

The discussion period for applicants will begin today. We have two candidates for the position. @Penguin_ and @Deribus. Two threads will be opened, one for the applicants to introduce themselves to the community and one for general Q&A.

Voting will begin on May 8th and conclude on May 15th

Candidates positions

Voting for community manager is now live at Note you must have 50 games in order to cast a vote