Why are russians still allowed to spread their hate after rule change?

Everyday lots of russians spread their zwastica of hate in game names, in descriptions, and in game via builidng Z's out of walls and power gens.

Why is this allowed? It's supposed to banned, but happens daily, all day long. We wouldn't allow people to build swastikas... why zwastikas?

A new hitler is rising to power, and this community continues to allow their rhetoric and hate. This is a game, and i don't want to be reminded of their hate symbols while playing. I've already lost friends in ukraine and will likely lose more. This is a western based, western ran community. There should be a zero tolerance policy for people posting pro-genocide symbols.

I get banned for being pro-ukraine, while pro-russians do whatever they want. Why do i get threatened with a ban for a "no ru" game, but "ru-only" and no "usa" games happen dozens of times a day? The mods simping for putin is disgusting.

To be clear, it is now illegal in Germany, in perhaps other countries to post "Z" in support of Russia's genocide.


well, complaining about a swastika but creating games with "no-rus" is very ironic, don't you think?

But anyway, you are right about the swastika in germany.
Its absolutely forbidden to use it.

And since the game servers are located in germany this is a problem.

@uveso said in Why are russians still allowed to spread their hate after rule change?:

"no-rus" is very ironic, don't you think?

Not really. It's about lag and being able to communicate, I imagine the same reason eu and ru only games exist. That's the entire point. There is a double standard here

I don't expect any valuable outcome here. If you see things like this please report it to the moderators.

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