How do I get my rank reset?

How can I reset my rank number?

I am at -200 and people wont even let me join games because they "can't balance me". This happens even in "all welcome" games. A second account is against the rules, but is that what I have to do to get a fair rating?

My games played is only 43, spread across many years, and I am a lot better now then -200 suggests... so it's actually true that it's bad for balance because the algorithm will report fairness even though I'm not going to play that poorly.

The fastest way to adjust your global rating is to play ranked custom 1v1 matches. You get more change in rating for 1v1s because it's easier for the system to recognize that YOU played well. When it's a 4v4, the system doesn't know if you won because you got carried by teammates. So you might only move +-8 points for a win/loss. But with ranked 1v1s you can move +-25 points per match.

You won't find very many custom 1v1 lobbies, so you will have to make your own.

If you really are better than -200, if your "true" rating is 400, you can probably get your rating up to 200 with only about 15-20 ranked matches against 400-rated players. From there you can get into a lot more custom game lobbies and your rating will naturally develop over time.

Also, people's ratings do adjust faster when they are completely new (with let's say less than 50 games) but even if you have 10k ranked games, your rating never stops changing. Someone with 200 games is going to have their rating change with every win/loss about as fast as someone with 10k games. So a reset wouldn't actually do much for you.

I'm going to be blunt here: I'm guessing that your rating of -200 is more or less accurate. Resetting your rating to zero would do nothing for you because you'd just lose a few games and go right back to -200. I welcome you to prove me wrong by playing some ranked 1v1s and crushing it.

And even if I'm right, it doesn't mean all hope is lost. If your -200 rating is accurate, it's NOT hard to improve a little and move up to a rating like 500. You just have to WANT to improve, and work at it. I wrote a guide to 1v1s if you're interested.

Thanks! I wish I was more interested in 1v1s, so I guess I have the long road to hoe of grinding away at what games I can manage to join... I have trouble managing everything in a 1v1, and it begins to feel more like work and less like play when I do them, so I will probably just see what happens and if I get too frustrated I will reroll my account and see how it goes.

Playing the matchmakers adjusts your global rating and you can’t be kicked from those.

@arma473 hot dang you weren't kidding! I had gotten absolutely stomped twice in matchmaking 1v1 a few weeks ago and I saw that my placement was 86% complete, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I won and my rank went from -200 to 0 in that one game. Wow!