problem with t3 cybran submarine


I often have the following problem :

I don't know if nuke missile is building or not.
I don't see any progress bar
I can see -40 mass on the submarine and I play With disable enable automatic build and then it disappears. After more than 15 min I have the feeling that nothing is built. It happen frequently in my games.

Is there a condition so that the build start for the nuke ?

  1. If autobuilding missile is enabled.
  2. There is a button for constructing missile if autothingie is off
  3. If yo stall any resource you can forget about nuke ever finishing.


I had a lot of ressource.

is there a progress bar to see if missile is almost done or not ?

does the submarine need to stop moving so that it build ? do we need to have already a nuke building ?

is there a way to abord a nuke construction ? for instance if I disable auto nuke ?

If I remember, there is a button to switch off furtivity, go outside water (what is the interest ?), auto build and launch missile.

I don't find a button to manually start building a missile.

again same problem. I don't see any "bar" to see the missile building. am I mad ? I click again and again on the automatic build but nothing happen. by default does this submarine build a missile ?

when built in factory it doesn't autobuild, you can tell if the build button is outlined for whether it is autobuilding or not, right click to activate/deactivate autobuild, left click to tell it to build only 1 nuke (per click)

to answer previous questions, it can build while moving (like acu TML), you can cancel it building a nuke with stop order (it will lose all progress like nuke launcher would when you do) or pause it with pause button

for some reason it uses same bar for its long range missile that it fires for free and for building the nuke progress, idk if it is possible to separate the 2 bars in code (similar problem exists for battleships like summit class, where the 1 bar shows the turret's reloads, but each turret reloads independently and there are 3 of them on the ship)

thanks for your answer. I only use left click. and left click again, then it should at least build one, don't you think ?

it should and, unless something weird happened or you accidentally cancelled it or something, it does.

For more details you'll have to send us a replay ID with the exact time stamp of when you tried to build a nuke in the sub

@cheeseberry thanks, is there a way to cancel it ? Using s key ?

the stop key would for example cancel the missile construction together with all other orders.
send replay id though