problem with t3 cybran submarine



I often have the following problem :

I don't know if nuke missile is building or not.
I don't see any progress bar
I can see -40 mass on the submarine and I play With disable enable automatic build and then it disappears. After more than 15 min I have the feeling that nothing is built. It happen frequently in my games.

Is there a condition so that the build start for the nuke ?

  1. If autobuilding missile is enabled.
  2. There is a button for constructing missile if autothingie is off
  3. If yo stall any resource you can forget about nuke ever finishing.


I had a lot of ressource.

is there a progress bar to see if missile is almost done or not ?

does the submarine need to stop moving so that it build ? do we need to have already a nuke building ?

is there a way to abord a nuke construction ? for instance if I disable auto nuke ?

If I remember, there is a button to switch off furtivity, go outside water (what is the interest ?), auto build and launch missile.

I don't find a button to manually start building a missile.