New forbidden reception or not?

Many people know that trees do not have a hitbox. And shooting at them, the projectile can sometimes fly further. So, is it considered forbidden to shoot from a battleship at trees on a hill on the dual gap map? Thus, the shells flying through the hill sometimes hit the enemy bases. At the same time, the shooting range increases by one and a half times? replay 20 min

It starts at ~28:30

This is more a map related issue, or feature - Depends on how you look at that. Indeed, the range is more than double and with pinpoint accuracy for your T3 Battleship Aeon, which makes it very powerful and looks odd.

But it only works for some specific angle. But it is still overpowered. Maybe the mapper should rebalance that part. Using the range from UEF PD2 for some inches to "out range" Cybran or Sera PD2 is one thing, but 200%+ increasing range on that map is questionable at least.

it's not a map issue,this is a bug,closing the thread,thanks for the report.

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like: