AI-Uveso (v88) - AI mod for FAForever


Uveso's AI Mod

for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever v1.5.3697+
This mod supports Nomads.

AI-Uveso <only for FAF> v88

DownloadSize: 220 KB, Unpacked: 1.60 MB
Downloadable from Vault: Yes.

How to install:

Unpack the archive.

Copy the "AI-Uveso" folder from inside the Mods directory to:

C:\...User...\My Games\Gas Powered games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Mods\


5 new sub AI's:

  • AI: Adaptive; Balanced AI, builds Land, Air, Naval and Experimental units.
  • AI: Overwhelm; Like AI-Adaptive, but increases cheat+build factor by 0.6 after 35 minutes and again by 0.6 after 60 minutes.
  • AI: Rush; T1, T2 and T3 unit spam with fast tech upgrade and few experimentals.
  • AI: Experimentals; Builds a few units and is focussing on building experimental units.
  • AI: Easy; Builds a few units and does not attack the enemy base. But it will defend its base.

(For Turtle Play use a adaptive cheat AI with a cheat+build factor of 1.4 on a 10x10 map.)

Unless other AIs it works also well with low unitcap like 250 or even 125 units.
( a unitcap of 700+ is still recommended)

New functions:

  • Same functionality on maps with and without AI path markers. (Game is slower without markers.)

  • Option to autocreate AI Map marker incl. printing into the game.log for copy&past (Into map_save.lua)

  • New target function can handle 2 lakes maps like setons clutch, and has the same functionality with or without AI markers.

  • Homeless units (no platoon, stucked etc) will now return to the nearest location for new orders.

  • New eco system does not cancel buildorders if eco is low.

  • AI detects paragon like buildings for more build power.

  • Engineers will set to pause while assisting if eco is too low.

  • New mass extractor upgrade logic. AI spends 40% of its overall income for mass upgrades. (can dynamically change)

  • AI will first upgrade mass extractors near main base, not in order how they where build.

  • AI can/will build support factories.

  • AI supports multifaction build and upgrades. (captured units and All Faction mod)

  • New nuke AI function for new attack modes with strategical missiles like overwhelm or Jericho bombardment.

  • Additional build platoons in case a paragon like structure is build. (Mass nukes, Experimantals spam etc)

  • Reworked AI pathfinding function (Edsger Dijkstra's A Star algorithm) - 400% faster than the original GPG algorithm.

  • New location range manager is adjusting the influence radius of location managers to prevent overlapping areas.

  • New engineer transfer function to move idle engineers from expansions back to main base for better build power.

  • Units will not simply be killed on unitcap, they will be send to the enemy or reclaimed.

  • Special platton form builder for mods. (Hydrocarbon upgrader for Black Ops etc.)

  • New buildconditions for platoon builder and former.

  • New unit category "AMPHIBIOUS" to form amphibious platoons. (All amphibious units get this category injected. Also units from mods.)

  • New unit category "FLOATING", same as amphibious.

  • Debug function to validate maps gives warnings if a map has bad AI path marker, mass points etc.

  • Debug function to visualize AI Pathfinding

  • Debug function for Platoons. Renames a unit with its Platoon name.

  • Debug function for Buildermanger to test/view build priorities and Builder logic errors.

  • Commander AI can upgrade all ACU's incl. Black Ops and Nomad ACU's. (and fight ^^)

Update 06.Oct.2020(v88)

  • Fix: Scorescreen was not showing data after game update.
  • New: AI is now able to micro-move units inside a platoon.
  • Opt: AI will no longer shoot nukes before game minute 35, even with absurd eco settings or start with paragon.

Update 15.Jul.2020(v87)

  • New: AI works now with No-Rush game mode.
  • New: A new Priority manager is now changing priorities on build platoons
  • Opt: Reworked naval factory and unit builder. Should now build way more naval units.

Update 21.May.2020(v86)

  • Fix: The debugoption for platoonnames was spaming a debugmesage every AI-ExecutePlan() cycle

For older changes see:

AI Development Discord Server (AI-Swarm / AI-Uveso / RNGAI / DilliAI)


Update 06.Oct.2020(v88)

  • Fix: Scorescreen was not showing data after game update.
  • Fix: Unit Count buildconditions for factories at naval areas now only count idle factories.
  • Fix: Added missing platoon builder for Tech 2 mobile shields and stealth units
  • New: AI is now able to micro-move units inside a platoon.
  • Opt: Ecomanager no longer pauses Tech2 or Tech3 energy buildings when the energy is low.
  • Opt: AI will no longer shoot nukes before game minute 35, even with absurd eco settings or start with paragon.
  • Opt: Unitratio for shield structures increased by 50%
  • Opt: Sub AI Rush will now spam more units
  • Opt: Sub AI Rush has now seperate economy builders.
  • Opt: Sub AI Rush has now its own naval expansion base template
  • Opt: Build chance of T3 artillery slightly increased.
  • Opt: Removed all game pre-patches that are already pathched to the FAF deploy game version.

@Uveso I'm seeing a Uveso-Fix and Uveso v88 on the vault. Both were release by you. Which one should I use? I'm snagging the one of this forum link.

Also, your AI seems to want to send "conga lines" of support commanders. Anyone to tweak the platoons to just send experimental, and high end T3 units?


Please don't install the Uveso-Fix mod!

First, its not from me.
Second, it is still using some gamepatches that are obsolate, and there are still errors left from the V87 version and the scrorescreen at the game end will not work.

Also i checked the mod and i would not call it fix because its not fixing anything.

The mod changes the initial engineer for the Adaptive Sub AI (this breaks the ability of the mod to handle low unit cap)
The mod also changes a builder that is only for Total Mayhem and removed the special platoon for it (don't know why)
Then it changed a builder for Paragon to build a paragon from the 10th minute not at 35 minutes or later (starting a paragon at minute 10 without changing anything else is bad for the AIs eco)
And it removes a check for enemyunits that was delaying the build of experimentals (also bad idea because this is messing up the ecosystem too)
Then the mod has game patch hooks copied tfrom Uveso AI v87 that need to be removed.
And last but not least the user AKarmy01 added his name to the mod-author string

So please don't install it.


Thanks again for providing this mod!

One thing I've noticed since switching over from Sorian-AIx to Uveso-AIx is how easy it is to prevent Uveso-AIx from nuking me. If I have just one SMD or Village shield (from the Nuclear Repulsor Shields mod) I am pretty much guaranteed to not get nuked there. Even if the enemy clearly has enough nuke launchers to overpower me. I've actually found Sorian to be more challenging in turtling games because of the nuke threat.

I tend to play vs AIx with a 1.7x multiplier or so. The only way I'd get nuked vs Uveso-AI is if enemy nukes were inbound before I had time to get defenses up at all. With the new 35 minute timer before nukes start flying, perhaps the AI could be a bit more willing to test my nuke defenses in the late game?


Hello Cyrris,

yes my AI tends to load a missile launcher with 5 missiles before it will shoot one.
But it has also functions to overwhelm nuke defenses.

Maybe there's a bug inside the target search engine or the Ai has just not enough eco for the nuke launchers.
And the AI also fools the player with building nuke launchers but they are paused and not ready to shoot.

In case you are using the adaptive sub AI, use the Overwhelm sub AI.
It has the same functions than the adaptive Sub Ai but it will increase the
Build and eco multiplyer after 35 and 60 minutes.
This will bost the AIs eco for more nukes.

Also install the Quantum Resource Generators mod.
This mod provides paragon like buildings for all factions, so the AI can build even more eco. You can find the mod here:

You can also debug the nuke function if you like to see whats going on.

Locate the file platoon lua inside my mod:


Then search for the NukePlatoonAI function (~line 1669) and change the line

local NUKEDEBUG = false


local NUKEDEBUG = true

Then open the moho debug window with [F9] and watch the debuglines.
All lines starting with *** AI-Uveso: * NukePlatoonAI:** are related to the nuke function.

Or you can just read the remarks inside the nuke function to understand how the nuke function is deciding to shoot:

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