Are you gonna fix Soul Ripper?

Em...are you guys ever gonna fix the Cybran Experimental Gunship Soul Ripper NOT firing at all it just fly's around and do nothing TOTALLY broken since way back with FAF.

Just tested it, appears to work just fine:


Please post a replay where it happened.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@scorpion2000 this is a zero-cost-to-you volunteer maintained project, any chance you could ask politely and give enough information to explain clearly what you are experiencing so that the unpaid workers can investigate and fix (if needed) in the minimum amount of their own personal time?


As I've seen it brought up more often lately I would like to ask everyone to not immediatly bring up the "unpaid volunteer" argument when someone complains about things in a rude manner.
I know you mean well when bringing this up, but firstly, it is irrelevant as we would expect civility even if everybody was paid here, and secondly, it can lead to the impression that you can't criticise decisions because they were made by volunteers in their freetime, which is simply not true.
Thank you

Well, now I am glad I deleted my original flaming comment to the OP that used words such as entitlement. I can't say I fully agree with BlackYps but i can understand where he is coming from. My fear is that blunt and seemingly demanding posts like the OPs will turn the volunteers against continuing. Even small amounts of toxicity and unappreciation could lead to our devs thinking what's the point and leaving. I have been here long enough that I can just about remember when FAF died and went offline years ago due to the main dev just getting sick of the whining and toxicity 😞 As a community I feel we should rally around the devs that have given us hundreds of hours of (usually) happy distraction from the real world.

The incident you’re referring to would (and did) have had every party involved calling the other toxic for FAF by the way. You weren’t going to get some happy ending from it when the people involved had entirely different approaches to how FAF should operate.

Locking the thread since it's moved off-topic and doesn't comply with the balance forum guidelines. Scorpion if you have a replay where the issue occurs then please made a post in the game issues part of the forum: