Possible Cause For The Recurring "Setting up automatch..." Cycle

While playing 4v4 TMM I noticed a probable patern that causes recurring matches that end on the "Setting up automatch..." window.

After noticing the patern I checked 3 times before creating this topic, all 3 times produced same results.

The developers should test this, because if this is the case, this cycle causes serious damage to the 4v4 queue.

Description of the patern as follows:

  1. Automatched.

  2. Supreme Commander launches.

  3. I am stuck at the "Setting up automatch..." window, nothing happens, the match doesn't start, maybe someone has suffered an internet connection issue.

  4. On the "Setting up automatch..." window I press "Cancel" button and instantly join the 4v4 queue again.

  5. I get automatched and see "Match launching" written in green letters in the client, but the Supreme Commander doesn't launch.

Important: most likely at this point other players are stuck at the "Setting up automatch..." window, now (!), if some of them after waiting presses the "Cancel" button and joins the queue, he starts the cycle all over again.

  1. After roughly 30 seconds the "Match launching" text disappear and nothing happens.

  2. I try to join the 4v4 queue again and get this error message:

Message from server
Can't join a queue while in state JOINING

To fix this I need to close and start the FAF client again.

Also important to note that not pressing the "Cancel" button on the "Setting up automatch..." window but instead waiting for the client to close the window and notify that the automatch failed and joining the queue afterwards doesn't cause any problems.

I figure pressing the "Cancel" button on the "Setting up automatch..." window, joining the queue afterwards and getting automatched causes the issue.

Cycle is repeated if another player on the next automatch does the same actions, chances are that the cycle can be repeated a number of times in a row, resulting in consecutive failed automatches, rendering the 4v4 TMM queue inactive.

Skill To Game Or Game To Skill

I can confirm this behavior as well. I always need to restart FAF to get rid of that bug. The chance is pretty high that it bugs out when a player cancel/bug out of the lobby for whatever reason.

Hmm I can look into the cancel button discrepancy, that shouldn't happen

This post is deleted!

Although it may be a server issue where the server doesn't properly register that you have exited when you press cancel from in the game. @Askaholic what do you think?

I know there was a state tracking issue that I fixed a while ago but idk if it had been released yet since we haven’t released in quite a while. I want to get a new release out soon (didn’t have any time to work on it yet this weekend) and then we should check if this problem still happens.

I heard this story before from other players.
The reason the game does not launch is that the host's game does not start. The server is waiting for the host from what I found out. Host being a randomly assigned player. I can not see plausible ways for this to be true. I guess it was just bad luck... Also I also did that and got games started after doing so.