Battle Royale - a community maintained mod

Battle Royale

The Battle Royale mod attempts to introduce a shrinking-arena experience. Similar to the featured Claustrophobia mod, the map slowly shrinks as the game progress. Care packages spawn in that allow you to quickly gain access to various units.

An example on the map Two Step Shuffle, from left to right: A care package. You can capture or destroy the beacon. When you capture the beacon you gain the units. The map shrinks over time, forcing players to interact

Maintained by the community

Since 2022 the mod is maintained by the community. And so far this has been a success. With thanks to contributors such as @SomeNoob_V0_9 and @MadMax the mod has improved from various perspectives including:

  • #3: Russian localization has been added
  • #2: Additional shrinking behaviors
  • #1: There is a adjustable delay before the shrinking starts
  • #4: If enabled, players that are defeated leave a beacon that allows another player to capture or destroy all the remaining units.

Project 1: faction-specific beacons

Work in progress of the Aeon and Seraphim care package beacons

As with #4, we're introducing faction-specific care packages that spawn when a commander is taken out. At the moment they spawn dummy-units, pull request #8 will introduce full-fledged units that are true to their faction. @MadMax and myself have been working on this, and we're looking forward to finalizing it in the upcoming weeks.

Project 2: Voice overs

Last year we introduced a King of the Hill mod to replace the featured mod that was broken. The new version contains, among others things, voice overs. This provides an additional dimension to the mod. We'd like to introduce voice overs to the Battle Royale mod too. In particular, we want to have voice overs at these moments:

  • At the start of the game
  • When the shrinking starts
  • When a player dies

We're looking for inspiration here, and we're hoping that you can help us out. We have the following template that we'd like to populate to make the mod feel more alive:

Start of the game:
 - Battle Royale!
 - (25%) Easter egg 1
 - (10%) Easter egg 2

Start of shrinking:
 - Let the games begin!
 - (25%) Easter egg 1
 - (10%) Easter egg 2

When a player dies:
 - For each faction:
   - Generic faction taunt
   - (25%) Easter egg faction taunt 1
   - (10%) Easter egg faction taunt 2
 - Taunt for specific players (based on player name)
   - taunt for Madmax, DarkHorse and Jip *
   - taunt for Lenkin (he casts the mod often)
   - taunt for your [rival](
   - taunt for ... ?

* The current contributors as seen on Github, note that Madmax is not in that list yet because the pull request #8 is not merged yet.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

To re-iterate partially: we're actively looking for inspiration for the voice overs project. You can use this thread to post your suggestions.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Also if you wanna see what is possible here are 2 simple ideas recorded:
Area shrinking
Player dying