T4 rush on TAG Craftious Maximus

This feels like abuse.

Yes, I played like crap (especially power and navy). But with 80% map control, usually one is in a fairly secure position.

I hated this map before and hate it even more now: not just the many paths but because there's too many mexes and too much defence (cliffs and hills).

Tips please on beating those who wall themselves in? (I know I should have pushed navy more).

(I played this guy the other day on Stickleback Ridge and he tried the same tactic to very poor effect. But TAG has more mexes and better defensive options.)

I wonder what I'm about to witness lol

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Sorry, I should say: Ahwassa rush.

Would be nice if the thing didn't have AA too, but in the end it wouldn't have made a difference.

@cyborg16 do you have discord? I can give you pointers better on a chat there. But first of all, min 5, you stall -120 e and overflow 1050 mass. thats easily 3 more facs making mantis. Which is huge in terms of map control

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No, I don't do Discord.

Yes, I know a few mistakes:

  • not enough pgens
  • no need for T2 units when I have map control
  • given the lack of pressure, either eco more or press harder (T2 arty base faster)
  • given the map control but lack of intel, air tech would have been more useful than land

Turtle? You can even raid like 2 of the core mexes + hydro of enemy player with 1 frig on crafty. Mexes on cliff can always be artied, if it comes down to it a cruiser will hit everything on the map, tons of things for air to raid that you can then secure. Honestly I’m not even sure how you can get away with turtling on it unless enemy feeds ridiculous mass.

I can tell you didn't watch Ftx (I didn't feed until near the end, which he ignored), but thanks for the pointers about mex raiding.

@cyborg16 dont heavily assist gun + stealth if you are also making t2 pgen at the same time. If opponent boxes themselves, just chill. Takes all the mexes outside his box and just eco. Have an air fac on repeat with scouts only and make sure he doesnt surprise you with a counter attack. You are making a huge army that's not going to beat a spam of t2 pd.

Solutions to turtles:
0 - Scout and make sure you arent getting cheesed/counter attacked (good tip against any player to see what they are doing)
1- eco more than then (you have more mexes, you will outeco them).
2- Make t2 navy (take out his expansions and threaten him outside of range of t2 and t1 pd)
3- make t3 mex > t3 land > win
4- Don't attack unless you are sure you will crush

How to lose to turtles:
0 - don't take all the t1 mexes available to you
1 - Keep spamming t1 stuff, will never break a turtle
2- Don't make t2 mex
3 - dont scout (who knows whats happening on his base, t3 air snipe?)
4 - make t2 pd on your base and shields (one must become a turtle to defeat turtle?)
5 - rush a t1 army with some t2 and a bit t3 as a mass donation so he can finish his ahwassa when they are stalling -200 mass (lose game)

Biggest sin here is the lack of scouting, dude is rushing an ahwassa and you dont know. Make more t2 mex and spam less t1. AND SCOUT, if the dude is just rushing eco, then rush eco as well. You can outdo your opponent on everything he does. You can triplicate their t3 land, t3 air, t3 mex or whatever they do.

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Thanks @Femboy.

On top of what Femboy said I'd also like to add that you were overflowing mass for a long time, left quite a bit of reclaim over the map, and didn't use your advantages. You had him massively outgunned in navy, as well as air control. you could have taken 6+ T2 mexes using bombers and torps alone.

In games like these it's good to just zoom out, and take a breath and assess once you take over the map. It felt like you were constantly trying to break in and end the game immediately with all the units, pushes, and t2 arty sieging.