Moderator Contact ?


Hey guys, Ive been advised to contact a moderator due to my account being perma banned for being a smurf. I'm not sure what a smurf is but i believe its someone that hacks or copy's an account or chanes there name or something. I understand that my MAC code is different as i'm now , was, playing , from a new laptop in a different part of the country as im contracting and working away from home ! So yea any ID info that's collected wont be the same 😕 Anyway ive been away from FAF for about 2 years now as my PC died and i've been busy with other stuff. work, covid etc. So i have this new Helios 300 and i thought hey I bet that will run FA great but FAF is proving difficult to 'configure' to get my steam and FA to 'synch' I asked Brutus for help with my account and we solved that issue but now i'm banned reason SMURF ! 😕 I asked brutus for some advice but got a rather unhelpful replay from another member to contact a Moderator with no explanation how to do so or who to speak to 😕 So I'm posting here. Its a client/account issue so I hope this will reach the eyes or ears of someone that not only knows how to help but is willing to help 😕 I must say that this last couple of days has kinda been a bit disappointing. New Laptop. Games bought and paid for on steam but can i play online. Briefly. My opinion is its a game, its just a game , a great game but only a game and some of the safeguards are being upheld to the detriment of honest players.