incomplete maplists

since the new mappool released, i seem to be missing some maps in the maplist.
(it concerns 4vs4 full share, 4vs4 no share and I think the others as well, but I dont play those)

My friends keep telling me, that there are more then 20 maps in the pool (in both 4vs4 maplists).
I am on the current version and these are the maps I see:

4vs4 no share:
4vs4 no share.pdf

4vs4 full share:
4vs4 fullshare.pdf


Best regards

The map pool is broken up into different rating brackets. Each bracket has a different set of maps that you can get. The client only shows you the maps that are in your rating bracket or lower. So it doesn't show all the maps in the pool but only the maps you could play on.


thanks I didnt know, if my friends are higher ranked, will I be able to play with them?

Yes you will be able to play with them if you join a party and queue together. The maps are just restricted by the player with the lowest rating in the game.

ok, thanks again!

@sheikah you have created a new idea of map pool by most high rated player in party 😃