Completely 2.1k+ ladder scene is dead

I thought Morax may do smth with this, IS there no any players continue playing anymore, we wasted online of me, Thomas, adjux, blodir, and many other players who sometimes at least playing it, if that’s going continue, all pro scene of this game just gonna fullish die. For a interesting fact 5-6 hours of every day searching on 2276 rating gives u no games. I don’t wanna say with ftx was better, but at least he created mini tourneys with a league month, now is just non perspective rating problem.


Maybe should add any prestige rankings , as u get 2300 u may drop for a 0, and get [F] and getting 2300 same to the [S+] or any else. At the fact is 2400 rating gets u more problems, cuz of rating barrier, and u need to play team tourneys with auto-lose predication.


That was the intention with the league system as time goes on.

If that’s going to continue same as rn, I feel like I am going to play only tourneys and most of the time just spending on the streams instead of really playing/tryharding/getting better


Petric already off for smth better, blodir out for aoe, nexus 1-2 games per year, Thomas 0 games, adjux 2-3 games , Tagada no time, but sometimes playing once-three times in a year, turin out from 2200 to the typical player with 1900, Blast from solid 2100+ for a 1900, Zlo, other ones. That’s no more war, it’s dead thing.


  1. why don't you or someone else create a discussion thread for a monthly tournament among your own, not for round sums, but just for free?

  2. 1x1 games are less popular than 4x4 and global

  3. most players in the present time have no desire to spend time and effort on the 2007 game to somehow show that he is the coolest of all 1x1 and do not think that this will change and new players will appear in abundance 1x1

  4. search for 1x1 games in the global

  5. there are a bunch of other alternative games and after so many years, even those who have played faf for a long time will leave and you will feel loneliness even more here

  6. What does Morax have to do with it?

  1. This is a solution if you assume that people simply play for fun. Yet if they simply played for fun then there would be no need for tournaments and people would just be online to play. They are not. This solution accomplishes nothing. Tournaments only have value based on either the real monetary value or system built around it.

  2. The people good at 1v1 are also the people good at 4v4, not having the people for 1v1 means you have even less competent players around for high level teamgames. Historically a teamgame tournament has never been as competitive as 1v1 tournaments because if you allow self-organization, there will be at best 3 teams that are competitive.

  3. This is just an admittance of failure, at which point this community is dead and doomed to casual weekend mediocrity.

  4. Doesn't change anything he's talking about.

  5. Then where are the new people? There are two strategies: either FAF increases the volume of water going into the filter or it patches the leaks as much as it can. If it does neither out of apathy, then the game dies.

  6. lol

just if morax really has no time for tournament affairs, then delegate this activity to someone?

It's his job to delegate his responsibilities if he can't do them. Beyond that, he campaigned on the premise that high level tournaments had too much focus anyway. This stuff is just the natural conclusion of that.

so he didn't delegate them for the duration of his employment?

If the game isn't fun enough to play without making new events each month then just stop playing it. Why do work to encourage people to play a game that they don't find fun anyway? Who benefits from having people spend their time playing?

Because people make decisions at the margin. The point is to push the margin in the direction of FAF rather than some other game.

Also I benefit because I get an easier time finding games when I want to play.

I do not know how English speakers are now, we (ru) always have small tournaments and FFA events, with small prizes from streamers, there is always a PR company for events and attracting both new and famous players. We often have problems with permissions...

it's just a well-established opinion that we are drowning for the popularization of global and custom games, and the rest for 1x1

I think it will be relevant to communicate with those who can influence the situation and those who are participants in this situation. Instead of arguing with a lover of Gap and other garbage. As Petrik said, "sitting under a stone." Sorry Robustness, if there are prospects for you in view of 40 gappers with a 500 rating that will leave in a day than some 2400 player, then our dispute and dialogue is over.No one relies on streamers for create pro tournaments, it's their choice. But at the very least, faf should promote high-quality games for the best of the best and help keep the competitive spirit alive (I cant mean only value tourney) . Unfortunately, the rivalry is gone, and only the spirit remains. I want to back at least 2-3 years, where I can find match on 2100, instead OF NOTHING.


so decide, "the rivalry is gone" or Morax is to blame for this and you want to return the way it was under the ftx...

a typical whiner...

when I want to do something better, I take it into my own hands and do what with gap, what with maps, what with creating tutorials and materials on which dozens of new cartographers of a good level have appeared

All i see is just a random high level dude crying since his game friends left him while trying to blame unrelated guy. As cringe as it is he even wants to get cash and more shiny stuff to his nickname.

Or maybe he just wants to play a fucking game? Instead of having 10h q times.

Do you think he is the only one that cant find a game? 4v4s are pretty popular and actually playable even for 2.4k.