Assisting t3 air fac with t1 engies only cost energy: what does that mean for BP

Hello everyone,

I noticed that assisting a T3 air factory with t1 engies only costs energy. Same for them assisting a nuke launcher or smd.

My question is: what does that mean for build power?

Option 1: It boosts the build power.

In this case it is a little bit weird in the sense that if you had absolutely no mass you would still boost the unit built (which requires mass).

Option 2: It does not give build power.
It is even more weird because you spend energy for nothing.

Option 3: Fraction of mass is taken by the game engine (but not displayed because only integers values are displayed in-game).

Which option is happening in conclusion?


The game doesn’t do decimals in the base UI.

I am not sure to understand the implication. Do you mean the decimal are not displayed but taken into account by the game engine (I don't know what "UI" means). Hence it would correspond to my option 3.

Could you give further details?


If you put a fac next to a mex it makes you think you save 25% of the cost of a tank as it goes from -4 to -3 a second. The real saving is like 10% but the game doesn’t show you -3.7 or -3.6.

Same applies here. Engies don’t have the bp to spend 1 mass so it just shows as 0.

it is option 3. The engie does give mass but its a T3 air fac and a t1 engie barely gives any buildpower to it

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Great, thanks for the replies!